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A resource multiplier. GIEC expands the number and expertise of multiple companies working on an environmental issue of common interest.

A broad representation of Georgia industry. GIEC member companies represent manufacturing, mining, utilities, transportation, and agriculture throughout Georgia.

Rule-making comment. GIEC comments on virtually every proposed environmental rule or policy in Georgia that touches the interests and concerns of Georgia industry.

A reliable information source and regulatory alerts. GIEC receives and distributes information of potential interest to member companies regarding environmental policies, precedents, and emerging regulatory issues.

Open lines of regulatory communication. GIEC meets with EPD leadership and DNR Board members to voice industry interests and concerns and to maintain open lines of communication.

A network. GIEC member company representatives share experiences and referrals with one another regarding similar situations or problems they may face.

A strong technical base. GIEC member company representatives have strong scientific or engineering backgrounds and manage environmental compliance programs in their respective companies. In addition, GIEC contracts with independent technical experts to support GIEC's initiatives.

Focus and concentration. of the collective skills, resources, and energies of GIEC member companies.

An individual voice. GIEC operates on a consensus basis for making decisions such that every member company representative has the opportunity to be heard and the power to influence coalition decisions and positions.

Industry-governed leadership. GIEC leadership is nominated and elected from member-company representatives by vote of the full membership.

Timely workshops, meetings and conferences. GIEC member company representatives attend special GIEC-sponsored regulatory briefings and workshops of timely importance throughout the year.

Public representation and testimony. GIEC represents industry interests in public meetings, before regulatory bodies, and in legislative hearings.

A uniting of allies. GIEC works cooperatively with other associations with compatible environmental interests.

A convening mechanism. GIEC organizes and convenes like-minded parties in dialogues and ad-hoc workgroups to address environmental issues of mutual interest.

Issue research. GIEC taps the collective resources of member companies and engages recognized technical and regulatory experts to research and prepare issue papers for consideration and use by the coalition.

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